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When it comes to sex and men… I always get what I want, and they always do what they’re told. That’s how it’s always been with me, even when I was a teenager first experimenting with boys and other girls. Almost something instinctual - the way people would give in to me so easily. With little effort at all, I would take control and have my way… years before I even knew what BDSM and femdom were.
Men are playthings to me… living toys I enjoy only as I please… and my sexual tastes are deeply rooted in domination, tending towards extreme femdom play.
With me, dominatrix phone sex is exactly as the name describes - an intense experience with a woman who isn’t pretending to be dominant or playing at domination while on the phone. I'm a lifestyle and professional dominatrix... it's who I am. What I talk about on the phone I’ve usually done in real life... that and a lot more.
Get to know me and you won't doubt my words one bit.
When I talk to a man, it’s not to flirt with him. Oh, I can play tease and denial games when it suits my purposes, but I prefer the direct approach. I know what I want, and I have no problem simply taking it. There is nothing more powerful than a beautiful woman who is completely confident in her sexuality… and there’s nothing that can drive a man to his knees faster than a woman who knows how to use that power to wrap him around her fingers.
I like to see what extreme a slave can handle, testing his sexual limits as I take him where I want to go. I’m very rough with my toys… and when I play, I like my games to go as close to the edge as possible. That's what extreme dominatrix sex is to me. I use men thoroughly… those who can keep up with me have a chance… the rest I take everything I want from and then throw away. When I enter a femdom session... I play for keeps.
You think you can keep up with me… I doubt it, but I’ll have fun letting you try. I love to take men apart… to break them down until they’re nothing but what I want them to be. If I like what’s left, maybe I will keep you as my sex slave. Then I’ll show you what fun really is… until your body can‘t handle it anymore.
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Extreme Dominatrix Sex

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