Tease and Denial

A masturbatrix, I enjoy toying with men… fucking with their egos… their self-esteem… their sense of control… and that part of their manhood they value so much - their cocks.
Men are no more than playthings to me… worthless objects given value by my attention... and I happily admit I’m a ruthless sexual bully when it comes to how I handle them.
Tease and denial games are just one of many angles that can be used to break a man.
The first word of that expression - tease - suggests the games will be something sexy and soft… but that’s not always the case. I let the mood take me where it will… gently wrapping a boy around my finger with soft touches and a hot, sexy voice… if I choose... or sliding into long leather gloves as I prepare to take a very sadistic, very hands on approach to how I handle his cock and balls. Either extreme ends in the same conclusion - his will broken, his mind reeling, his voice crying for the mercy of orgasm.
Only in the latter case his body ends up somewhat broken too, since I like to play very rough when I have a man’s balls in the grip of my long leather gloves.
Tease and denial… the second half is more honest… it makes the reality of what is happening crystal clear. The tease is something darker… sexy, but with the tortures of hell lurking in it’s shadows… something with intentions not at all as nice as they may first appear… setting you up slowly for suffering to come. The exquisite pain that must be built to in stages to make it’s effect all the more delicious for a cruel masturbatrix like me.
Denial is the ultimate conclusion… frustrating, painful orgasm denial... the games of an evil beauty… the heartless manipulation of a cruel masturbatrix… the feeling of being crushed under foot by a souless dominatrix whose eyes hold only laughter at your distress.
Awe, are you frustrated? My, poor, poor slave boy... had your little hopes up, didn't you... so cute... no no no... you don't get to cum… not yet… maybe not at all ~laughs~.
I know you can get closer to the edge… stroking that cock til it’s so painfully hard it feels like it’s going to burst. Is it too much for you? Oh, how very sad... because I still don't give a fuck. Get used to hearing that a lot. I like seeing you suffer for me… I like it a lot.
I want your existence to be an endless cycle of sexual frustration. I thrive on that… I greedily devour it like a woman never satisfied… always wanting more. While our tease and denial games will be suffering for you… they will be the most delicious sustenance for me.
You’re not enduring orgasm denial at the hands of a dominant woman who is mercilessly cruel… you are suffering under the fist of a female sexual sadist… a demoness who wants to rend and tear and crush... a predator who wants to see you slowly torn apart... body and soul.
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Tease and Denial Games

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