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Domina Cinara is one of the most popular Mistresses currently indulging in Dominatrix Phone Sex. A true fetish Goddess who has built a large and dedicated following in the years since she first began sharing her life experiences through her online diary.
A dangerously beautiful female with a predatory taste for all forms of femdom bondage and sexual torture, Domina Cinara carries herself with the absolute confidence of a woman who has truly embraced the power of her physical beauty and the unquestioned superiority of her will. The irresistible effect she has on the male sex is something she deeply relishes... as is the sadistic joy she gets out of teasing all the boys who cannot help but offer themselves up to her domination.
A Lifestyle and Professional Dominatrix, The Goddess Cinara has nearly a decade of experience in the offline BDSM community - her fetish interests and activities being an integral part of her private life.
Her predilection towards sadism and deviant sex first manifested itself in her earliest sexual encounters as a young teen. Far from embarassed or inhibited by such extreme tastes - as most so young would be - she sought only to feed her growing desires ever more... learning first through her own creativity and enthusiastic experimentation... then refining her natural talents by becoming professionally involved with femdom BDSM in New York City near the end of her teen years. Later, she moved to San Francisco to let her appetite run wild in a city that openly embraces deviancy.

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It was while she was living on the West Coast that Domina Cinara began to explore dominatrix phone sex. The nature of the medium - shared fantasy enabling the possibility to touch even more extreme forms of female domination and sexual perversion through the imagination - is what she first found intriguing. While her pursuit of a graduate degree limited available time to continue as a professional in the local BDSM scene, domination phone sex provided her with a convenient and flexible outlet for her darkest desires, one with a continous supply of fresh male sex slaves to explore.
Beginning with the opening of an online diary that quickly became one of the most popular blogs of its kind on the web... Domina Cinara had no difficulty establishing herself as a top mistress involved in dominatrix phone sex... a position she could not help but hold, for her nature guarantees nothing less.
Now, a new chapter begins. The same woman, with the same blunt opinions and perverse thoughts... only now expressed through a different forum... one under no direction other than her own.
While you may have seen her elsewhere in the past, Dominatrix Cinara has decided to begin doing her own thing when it comes to both femdom phone sex and the sharing of her thoughts and stories online. This page serves as a first step in her plans... one to soon be followed by a series of new websites where she will continue to tease and entice her devoted readers with glimpses into her real life.
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Don't worry about my old blog.
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And will be even better!

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----- Bye, bye San Francisco... I've moved back to New York City.
----- In answer to a question many have asked - of course my puppy girl moved with me. The fact she's originally from New York is irrelevant - she belongs to me and I will keep her as long as I please.
----- I won't be working at any of the professional dominatrix dungeons in the city at this time... for no reason other than I just don't feel like working for anyone but myself right now.
----- I did another new femdom photo session decked out all "latex dominatrix" - I look very sexy evil in these pics... long gloves, latex stockings, high heels... I've put some up of them up on my diary.
----- I've posted some dominatrix phone sex samples at the bottom of this page. There are more free recordings on my Personal Diary.
----- I gave "grendal" some pictures my puppy girl took with her cellphone during the move. He's put a few of them up on his blog - Femdom Stories of Domina Amanda.
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There you'll find longer erotic audios I've recorded, intimate details about my sex life, hot dominatrix pictures of me, tease and denial games, lessons in guided masturbation, and lots more sexy fetish shit to tease and torment you!
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